Wow! Awesome. In love with Scotland, it is stunning. We stayed in a tiny place called Bridge of Allen just outside of Stirling, which is an hour by train from Edinburgh. We went to the Birnam wood forest in Dunkeld and as you can see it is picture perfect. We found by accident a Miss Potter memorial garden in the little town of Birnam. We had the most delicious scones and tea there (some had hot chocolate). Just look at the size of the Begonia flowers, they all grow gigantic here. As you can see in some of the photos it is cold and rainy. Once again our capsule wardrobe worked perfectly with thermals, long sleeve and warm fleece. Feels SO good after the heat we had on a big part of our travels. The forest walk was in perfect weather! Cool but the rain went and sun came out for the day. On our way there and back we went past Perth, but we didn’t recognise anything there! : ) We planned to stop and explore but our prime goal was nature so we missed out on seeing the other Perth (in Scotland.)

We went to the William Wallace Monument and looked a bit at the history of the Scottish people and the Battle of Stirling. Ryan was so happy to see the Wallace sword. It was a very enjoyable outing with a lot of climbing and walking.. We will miss Scotland and the beautiful nature, we will come back one day! I can’t believe that it is almost time to go home. It feels funny after such a long time on the road, won’t know what a “normal” day is like anymore. But I know we will soon fall back into the normal routine.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    The pictures capture Scotland Perthectly I
    Would love to be there myself and will listen to every story you have to tell. We are waiting for your return. Have a safe trip back and rest up.

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