London: part 2

Pussy cat, Pussy cat where have you been? I’ve been up to London to visit the Queen…

To be honest London was a bit overwhelming to me – public transport is good, but a lot of times so packed with people, that you have to wait for the next train and we found it expensive. It is an effort to get anywhere and it is far to walk to see all the sights. The noise and the people makes for a stressful time. But in saying this, we have seen wonderful things and had a great time. Not all the busses and public parks were overrun with people. Sometimes the bus is better even though it takes longer because you can sit and see more of the city. We took more time and didn’t rush and saw far less than we hoped, but it was good. We went to Doxa Deo church, located a bit out of the city-rush in beautiful Surbiton. We loved the service and the people greeted us warmly and made us feel welcome. Afterwards we went to a pub, around the corner, for a Sunday lunch. (Poor chef had a lunch crises so we ordered fish and chips, ribs and pizza,)

It was so great to see all through Europe and England these bee and bug homes, some very creative. When I think about something like this in Australia all I see are spiders making nests in there!!

We decided to visited the Victoria and Albert museum because of the variety of things they have in the museum. It is also free. It was a lovely museum but we will have to come back one day as we couldn’t see everything, it is very big. There was a nice display of the history of fashion. We also went to the Diana Princess of Wales memorial fountain. It is a lovely big circular river that flows in 2 directions over different landscaped surfaces, all made from Cornish granite.

I loved the changing of the guard ceremony- at Buckingham palace. We stood along The Mall and looked as the Guards on horses trotted up the road and then the marching guard came along with a band and all. It was very flash and a huge crowd of people were looking.We enjoyed the squirrels in the park, they are gorgeous- some people fed them peanuts.

While in London Amelia did a couple of ballet classes at the Pineapple dance studios, they are very accomodating and friendly towards visitors and have professional teachers. The Advanced ballet class times were conveniently over lunch time and afternoon so we didn’t have to try and travel at night! I enjoyed watching through the window.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    Can’t wait for your return. I will revisit all of these places with you in your memories recalled….. it all looks lovely .

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