Europe 2018

Many years ago I had a dream of going to Europe on holiday. Three years ago our family of 4 realised that it is possible to make this dream come true and we started to plan our “Family holiday of a lifetime.”

Finally after years of planning we are almost there and the 6 weeks count-down has begun. Ernest is taking his 3 months long-service leave, and since we are home educating we can go when we like. We are going for 3 months, from June to August 2018 touring through Europe and Great Britain. We decided to go in the European Summer so we can travel with less clothes and only carry-on luggage. More on capsule wardrobes later.

The first thing we did was to start getting our Australian passports ready. As it’s very expensive to do, we did it one at a time until everyone in the family had theirs.

The next step was to start researching everything we would need and where we think we would like to go. The next blog posts will be going through our adventures and journey of discovering all we need to make this dream come true. Once our holiday start I will try and give regular updates on the places we go and new and beautiful things we discover so you can go on the journey with us. Make sure you subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss any of my posts and photos.

One of my favourite books on travel is: “OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO” by Dr. Seuss. I will be using some of his quotes in my coming posts.

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