London: part 1

What wonderful coolness and rain after all the heat in Europe- We were a bit upset because we were not well prepared for the rain and were very wet after the London tower visit and city walking. Everything inside my back-pack was wet! Our feet and socks were wet..We started early with our booked tickets at London Tower and got to see the Crown Jewels without waiting in a queue. It was a wonderful experience to see it.

Our journey to London was once again eventful. After leaving early we got to Amsterdam to board our train that connects with the Eurostar to London, 20min from Brussels we stopped on the tracks and we knew…waiting for the announcement, this time in 4 languages: There was a train/person accident at the next station and we are not allowed to go on. We waited for an hour on the tracks, this time in cool weather thankfully. But did not get permission to continue. The train went back to the previous big station where there was chaos due to no trains getting through. They connected another train on to a train due for Brussels on a different line. And about 200 of us squeezed in to all the empty seats. By Miracle we got 4 seats together and off to Brussels slowly. So we missed our Eurostar train (this is booking only trains.) They were very nice and started to rebook about 200 people in all the empty spots of the Eurostar trains due for the rest of the night. We again got into the very next train all sitting together, and arrived in London at 8pm. We were so tired from the long day of travel going wrong, but thankful that we were so blessed in all of it.

Palace of Westminster/ Parliament house and the tower in scaffolding.

Is this the face of a sad or happy clock?- it doesn’t chime and is full of scaffolding, but at least it is being renovated. We will have to come again one day just to see and hear it when restored. They expect it to be finished and chiming again in 2021…

Below is Westminster abbey where we attended the Evensong church service. It was beautiful!

We also went to Kew gardens and loved every minute of it. I won’t put too many plant photos on!

Amelia did a few more ballet photos. We battled to find a telephone booth that was clean and undamaged and on our route.

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