Carry-on only?

One of the first things we researched and bought for Christmas 2 years ago, was our suitcases- I figured as all the things 4 people will need to travel are so expensive we better start buying and preparing early. So we’ve decided to use carry-on suitcases because we will be travelling so often with them from one place to the next, on trains busses and planes. I liked Rick Steves’ travel advise and read about the Eagle creek carry-on luggage that he suggested. They seemed to be build very well for travel, with super-dooper strong, 4 wheels and body and clever pockets in and around the case. In the end it was actually difficult to get hold of them as Eagle creek didn’t at that time ship to Australia. Because of the price we decided to only get it for the kids. Amelia choose the Tarmac AWD and Ryan the Gear warrior. We found and bought them online from Oh my they are so nice and in time for Christmas! Ernest and I looked out for the annual half price suitcase sales and we got ours at Meyer and a luggage shop in a typical Australian mall. I got a Samsonite and he got an American Tourister We all got international travel size, the lightest soft body with 4 wheels that we could find.

But how will it be possible to fit all you need for a 3 month holiday in cooler and warmer weather in such a small suitcase?

After reading many blogs and forums we discovered capsule wardrobes, and decided to try it. The idea is to pack a few mix and match clothes and items enough for a week and to layer, and wash as you go. Rick Steves is my first go-to for all my travel information. Make sure you check him out as well. Rick Steves packing list

Here is a typical list of what you’ll need:

4 Bottoms (or 3 bottoms and 1 Dress)

4 -5 Tops

2 pairs of shoes

A warm jacket

A light jumper

A few accessories such as scarves, belt, jewellery

A raincoat

5 pairs of socks and underwear

A few add-ons like thermal vest, leggings, swimsuit

Small toilet bag and very few toiletries

You can also check out the blog of Ladylighttravel as she has a very nice article about planning a capsule wardrobe for traveling.

I will let you know if this has worked for me /us. All the info I read on this subject says to take less than you think and not plan for the worst-case scenario. You can always buy what you need there.

Here are a few photos of what I am packing: 2 long pants, 2 short pants, 2 long tops, 4 or 5 short tops(still deciding) a fleece jumper and a light jumper, swim suit, medium warmth pyjamas, thermal vest and tights, a spaghetti strap top for layering, walking shoes, very light walking shoes and crocks sandals, rain-jacket, 2 scarves.

I’ll be wearing the Denim, long sleeve top, walking shoes and a warm jumper on the plane and put the rain-jacket in my handbag. We love the idea of packing cubes or pods it helps with organising everything- we got them at Anaconda.

In the next post I’ll share about my toiletries bag.

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