Wales: Tintern

We have arrived in Wales and are staying in Tintern. It is a picturesque little village on the river Wye. The big attraction to this village is it’s abbey called Tintern abbey. It is in ruins but still spectacular. The river Wye is the border between Wales and the UK.

We have been very tired and busy so my blog is getting behind. The internet is not always very fast. This type of tour needs mental and physical stamina to keep going on. But we are enjoying all of it.

We loved Wales and are glad we stayed in such a beautiful place. I would not have enjoyed staying in Cardiff city and might not have experienced Wales as the wonderful place it is. We will be back.

The nature in Wales are similar to Ireland and is also just as beautiful. Once again we rented a car and Ernest is enjoying comparing his driving experiences with the cars and roads. We find the roads in Wales very pleasant to drive on. There are still the narrow lanes in the rural areas, but it is very easy to drive to different areas on the free ways and highways. Very good experience with road travelling and signage.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    The scenery is enough to make this somewhere to put on our Bucket list too. I love the idea of narrow winding roads …

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