Update on our capsule wardrobe:

I am soo happy with how we all packed- our bags are light and small so it is easy to get on busses, trains and planes and the 4 wheels really made a difference in the airports and other places where there are a tight squeeze so you don’t have to drag them but just push them along on all 4’rs. They also all fit in one big locker at the train stations so you save money there as well.

We had a good mix of warm and cool clothes to layer and our fleece jackets was a life saver so far as well as the thermal vests.

One of the big challenges for a traveller is to wash and get your clothes dry in a short amount of time. Most airbnb’s that we booked has a washer but not a dryer- especially in Ireland and Wales you want one. So what we do is as soon as we check in, we wash a bundle and then hang them on hangers on the iron board and pegs and door handles etc. if there is not a clothes drying rack. We managed to get all dry in the 2 or 3 days we stayed at a place. The lighter the clothes the quicker it dries! So pack light clothes. One place had a super nice drier and it was dry in 15 min. So we washed the denims as well.

My shoes are invaluable, they stayed dry, never slipped! and are comfy to the extreme- no sore anything. Except for the times we walked 17 000 steps exploring the cities!! Then my feet and ankles were sore and you are generally exhausted (but not from the shoes) I am not the fittest of persons…Everyone is happy with their choice of shoes and clothes.

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  1. AJ says:

    So glad to hear the capsule wardrobe is working well!
    Have you been tempted by the lovely shops yet?

  2. Selma Swarts says:

    We are enjoying this trip with you and are happy to sense the exitment and adventures in your report. Everything looks lovely,.

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