We were especially exhausted getting to Stuttgart- we took a train from Kamp- Bornhoven to Frankfurt, and change to another train to Stuttgart, luckily the platforms were easy to get to because we only had 15 min for the change. It is very stressful to do a change over if you don’t know the station and the full ticket was booked and payed for..these intercity trains are extremely expensive.. thats why we decided to book it months ago to help the budget along. It is sometimes half the price when you get the cheap tickets when booking opens 2 to 3 months before your trip. We saved hundreds of dollars by booking our inter-city and inter-country train tickets early. The full trip was about 4 hours in total

So we arrived in Stuttgart main station(Hauptbahnhof) and it is HUGE- we managed to get to the lockers easy enough put all 4 suitcases in one and then asked the tourist info how to get to the Porsche museum. It’s always a good idea to ask for help! We got there easy by train and enjoyed the museum very much- the staff were nice and friendly and the cars great. Ernest’s bucket list ticked. By then our feet already complained but then the crazy hunt for the right underground train started. It took us so long, going back and forth with 4 clacking suitcases in tow and reconsulting the phone app- we eventually got on the right train and the station where we had to collect the key at a cafe and still we had to walk more…to get to the flat- we could go no further after the 4 flights of stairs we climbed with our suitcases! So glad be booked a bigger and more expensive place in Stuttgart! It is a lovely flat!

On the Sunday we went to Doxa Deo-Stuttgart. We were welcomed in German but the pastor can speak English! So we felt right at home! We could sing along in German as we knew the songs in English and could make some sense of the sermon. What a wonderful experience. We love you Doxa Deo, you are doing an awesome job.

We also went to the Mercedes Benz Museum and found it very informative. It is a huge museum but they start you off at the top and then you walk down the different levels to the bottom, that is very clever. Our feet and bodies could not handle anymore and we decided to stay at home the next day to watch a movie and rest up and catch up on social media and mails. We don’t always have great internet and when we travel we don’t and then we are out of the house for a big part of the day sight seeing. So you need a day of staying in every now and then.

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  1. Glenda says:

    In your dreams Ernest, in your dreams……….

  2. Glenda says:

    P.S The gold 2 door would do me very nicely indeed!!!!!

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