Basic Health Principles

Building bridges in health and wellness

Did you know that research has found that to have a cuppa with a friend boosts your immune system with 3 days. Now that is research I like to believe.

I want to take you on a journey , for health is rarely a quick fix or something you do now and you’ll be ok after that. So I want to give you hope of not giving up even if you have big health challenges today.

Most of the worlds bridges are build to overcome a major stumbling block; that is to cross over an impassable way, or to make a way much quicker and easier.

The same way we can build a bridge to overcome a health challenge. If I can compare a health journey to a bridge building project it could look something like this; broadly spoken and simplified (engineers!)

1. Planning phase.

2.Ordering supplies.

3.Start the construction or building.

4.Time frame

Plan your health journey -whether you are unwell have disease or just wants greater health, you need to get to the point were you make the choice – choose healing or accept that something is wrong and then take responsibility for your life and health. What do you want your life and health to look like? See an end result..

You need to prepare eg, go to a doctor or health practitioner to find out what may be the problem , or to get medication or health supplements or counselling or plan were the weak areas are and what you need to do to start the healing journey. You may need to get right with God, who is the author and finisher of our life and our healer. You can’t just treat the symptoms, you need to treat the root cause of disease. Or else you will just keep on coming back to the same thing. You might need to make a phone call.

The next step is start doing something, and take steps towards healing/health. You need a stable structure. So start with the important stuff first. God should be first in your life. You also need support or accountability and not loose hope. Maybe you need a walking partner or join a group of like minded people. Ask a trusted friend to help you.

Lastly you have to commit for a long term outcome to either build new or rebuild that which was destroyed. Sometimes you get a big boost in your efforts but you still are the person who eats and lives and does things to your body – God heals in a moment, but we need to be good stewards of what He has given us. For the rest of our lives, that’s why it is a journey. Understand that it can take months for certain conditions to heal in your body. With the correct approach to it. But more important it takes sometimes just as long to develop new healthy lifestyles to keep healthy.

You need to persevere and not loose hope. Keep building.

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