What a fabulous day in Wien. A beautiful Summers day. We only had a day to do sightseeing as we were taking the sleeper/night train at 9pm from Vienna to Venice. We put our luggage in the lockers at the train station and it was soo much cheaper than Zurich! All 4 Suitcases in the biggest locker for E4.50. We already bought the 24h day travel tickets the day before and just validated them when we started using the first public transport- this is a very convenient ticket as you can use any public transport. I enjoyed the trams very much. Vienna is a very clean and pretty city and we enjoyed our sight-seeing and topping our steps for this holiday so far on 21 ooo steps! We were dead tired after the day.

First up we went to Schonbrunn palace but didn’t go in, only looked at the gardens. Next time I’ll want to see inside. Another visit for a future trip. We went to another free organ concert in St Peter cathedral. The cathedral was amazing but the music didn’t suit my taste in organ works- it was more weird modern stuff- to be fair there was a more traditional piece also. This is a nice way that we get to sit and rest for 30 to 60 min in a very nice atmosphere. We just google in every city for free concerts and see if we can make it.

Ryan liked this two-faced sculpture in the Schonbrunn gardens. It is Janus, the god of doorways and arches, holding back Bellona a deity of war and battle.

We also had cake and coffee at the Klimt cafe and decided to use our birthday moneys to treat ourselves to a horse-drawn coach ride- This was soo nice and exciting for our former horseriding Amelia. We saw a lot of the inner city this way and again rested our legs, although not a cheap way to rest your legs. That’s why there are such nice parks. We went to the City park with the golden statue of Johann Strauss.

We also did a tram ride and got off at the Danube river Canal which is a channelled arm of the river in the city and joins the river again down stream. This is an interesting part of the city where everywhere you look there are graffiti on the walls and young people enjoy hanging out there. Lots of deck chairs in-front of lots of little restaurants. It’s a recreational area with lots of joggers, cyclists and walkers. I was freaked out by people sitting on the edge and picnic, as it is a high wall and a fast flowing river. You know the mom in me.

Nice tram ride! We were trying out this ice tea which is sold everywhere. It was sweet and had a nice flavour.

Pick up your dog’s mess or face a fine.

This is an artist’s sculptures based on a medieval painting of a hare. The painting of the hare is displayed in the Albertina museum.

We thought this is such a cute idea, growing food in a shopping trolley- It is part of a restaurant’s decor next to the river.

Johan Strauss in Gold and a cute little coffee van to serve the hordes of people taking photos. We were almost tempted but had spent too much money already on cake and coffee earlier.

Tiny oreos in a Milka chocolate.

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