Spain: Madrid

We came into Madrid in style, with a very fast modern train and in business class. We were very much spoilt with the most delicious complementary lunch, and warm towelettes for our hands. It was very nice after our 2 bad train experiences in France. The station is big and modern. At last some dry heat so we are not as wet- it feels more like Perth now. This is a huge city and we did not make much progress exploring it, Ryan had a cold so we didn’t do too much. The highlight of Madrid was the wonderful meal we had at a restaurant called Ginger. We also went into an amazing shop full of medieval weaponry and curios. We were not allowed to take photos inside but the displays are beautiful and here is the shop from the outside.

We felt like a bit of meat after a lot of bread and pastas meals. This was a wonderful, oxtail stew and mash, pots and Scotch fillet for Ryan.

The city has a huge park called Retiro park and is beautiful. We sat there and had our lunch. When you see a lot of cities in a row it becomes like a maze of streets and you don’t always appreciate the moment. You need to go to a high place to see the bigger picture, or escape to a nature spot to recharge. Sounds like good life advice too.

Some of the street names are on these tiles and are beautiful.

This Bear is on Madrid’s coat of arms. It is reaching up to a strawberry tree. The fruit and veg here are fantastic. We bought some figs which was so sweet.

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