Spain: Barcelona

This is one of those wow moments when you get to a sight look up and stand in amazement. We were blessed to get tickets to Park Guell. Designed or created by Anton Gaudi who was a truly gifted and creative person. He was a Spanish architect and his greatest passions were architecture, nature and religion. He loved mosaics and he also reused old ceramic pottery. The photos later in the post is of the La Sagrada Familia cathedral also designed by him.

It is timed tickets and when we looked 2 days before we got there, there were a only a few left for the times we were there. We decided to do the night tickets at 8pm- an hour before sunset because it is cooler then. The light was also beautiful.

Can you guess what I’m going to do when I’m back home? Smash all my old plates….mm I have actually kept a few older ones for a little project.

The La Sagrada Familia cathedral, a work still in progress.

The streets of Barcelona- The pavements are very broken and dirty in certain areas but the Spanish do a good job at picking up litter so it seems clean. They are also good at recycling. There are some very nice street art amongst all the graffiti. I’m getting sick and tired of the constant graffiti everywhere since we started our trip. What happened to society?

And some ballet photos in Park Guell.

All the mosaics made me think of the song: All the broken pieces by Matthew West. Our lives may have many broken pieces but if we allow God to come heal our hearts and minds it becomes a beautiful “picture” or testimony of His love for us. Ps 147:3 Says He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

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