Paris- part 1

We are in Paris! My feet already hurt and it’s only day 2. Our accomodation is very central and close to the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle. We started our sight seeing there. Notre Dame is huge and impressive. The queues were just too long and standing in the intense heat and sun to go in won’t do! We will admire it from outside.

Saint Chapelle cathedral was spectacular inside and as we booked online a few days before, we were just fast tracked in past all the other waiting people. One can not comprehend how much effort went into such a beautiful place. All the detail in the stained glass pictures are stunning. This is an over the top type cathedral. Wonderful. I can strongly recommend booking tickets to go in. Children go free.

While walking through the streets some interesting things came up, like the Vegemite table at the Australian bar and the Chewbacca mural. The kids loved the Little Prince movie and tv series and there was a shop close by where we went in. The Lego shop we found by accident in the Forum des Halles and it is a dream for lego lovers especially older customers.

We had our lunch in a park and these pesky little wasps are all around you, hunting for food especially meat- we gave them some ham to get them away from us. Maybe not a good idea to “feed” the wild life, but it did keep them away from our sandwiches. Apart from that and the heat we are really enjoying Paris so far.

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