Paris: part 2

We loved Hillsong Paris. The people were extremely welcoming and friendly. We went early to make sure it’s the right place, and the welcoming team talked to us and showed us were to go as well as offering a flavoured water and fruit before the service. Other people also came to talk to us- that’s what makes a church stand out: how welcome you feel. They are using the Bobino theatre for their services and it is very flash, with crystal chandeliers gold and red velvet. The girls toilets are PINK. We went to the English/French service which was at 10am and the interpreter was amazing. They worked so well in unison. It was harder to sing in French than it was to sing in German when we went to church in Stuttgart. So I stuck to English.

We thought it a good idea to go to the famous cemetery Pere Lachaise after church and lunch. It was so big and hot that we gave up half way, but did appreciate the impressive grave stone “houses” and the peacefulness there. One of the advices we read was to take a specific bus or metro can’t remember which one, to start at the top and walk down- we didn’t do it as it didn’t fit into our plans. I would suggest to other people start at the top. Of the famous people buried there we saw Jim Morrison and Chopin’s graves as that was in the first half.

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