Paris: part 4

Mont Saint-Michel: This is a medieval Benedictine abbey and Monastery high on top of a lone standing rock with the sea tide coming in to surround this little island. It is in Normandy France. It was a military stronghold in times of war and now a Unesco world heritage site. It was uncomfortably busy with visitors, but well managed.

The cute Fiat 500 that Ernest rented at Rennes station to drive to Mont Saint Michel. The french countryside was beautiful. It was also much cooler outside of Paris close to the beach. We took the TGV from Paris to Renne and then car to the monastery. It was a full day and I suggest you start very early from Paris.

Finally the girls escaped to the shops and we enjoyed all the lovely clothing etc. shops. We headed to Repetto a classy ballet shop, and they were nice enough to let Amelia fit their own brand point shoes. They were very nice and cheaper than point shoes in Australia. It was very tempting to buy a pair. I also tested some of their other perfumes. Mmm nice (one was too sweet like candy-floss)

Just what the doctor ordered.

This is how you do it in France; Baguette over the shoulder ready for lunch, and then a nap afterward.

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