Paris: part 3

Here we are at the iconic Louvre. How Blessed we are! It was such a great experience. Again as before, we booked an online timed entrance and literally walked in from outside without stopping for a queue. We were so early, anticipating a queue that we had to wait inside to enter at the right time. Inside waiting is better than outside! The girls stood longer in the loo queue than the Louvre queue( if you pardon the pun). One would think that they would close just one of their display rooms and install a hall of loos for the women! It is crazy-there are 5 cubicles close to the entrance, the other level that we tried had 2 cubicles. There probably are other locations that I missed, but point be, other mega icons in Europe have sorted this little issue with finesse- like about 30 toilets at Stonehenge and about 20 at the Alhambra… ok rant finished…

Mona lisa-it was one big squeeze to the front then they open the access belt to let the front squeeze out, every how many seconds- again if the authorities are reading my blog, just do a snake zig zag towards it and you walk through take a photo and out. It was worth the anxiety to be squeezed though, as we got a good look at her. There are so many other amazing paintings and sculptures. We tried to see as much as we can in the time we allowed ourselves. Again some animal spotting!

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  1. AJ says:

    What a culture fix you’re getting!
    I completely see Jason and our cat in the man and lion statue, hehehe.

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