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Finally we got some cool weather and rain as well, it is so much better now! We only got a “taste” of Brussels as we stayed overnight and had the afternoon to explore. So naturally we started with the most important stuff, the market square and the chocolate shops. I think this town square is in a quarto with Prague, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bruges. Hard to choose the prettiest, all different and unique.

I read about the chocolate tours in Brussels but thought it too expensive, then I came across this website/blog that describes a self guided chocolate tour for much cheaper. We followed their ideas and after the first shop which in fact was the best one, we had to stop eating as it was so rich and sweet we could do no more. We had 3 each and it was really very nice. We decided to buy 2 each at the next shop on the list which was a shop or 2 down and kept it for later. That was a very lovely shop too with different packaging and very pretty boxes, their chocs was just as wonderful. I tried an Earl grey and a violet one, the hazelnut pralines, speculoos and caramel and chock mousses all got good feedback from the family. We didn’t go to any other of the chocolate shops they mention, but we did see them as we explored Brussels. I think if you stay longer you can do a shop a day! Here is the link to the Earth Trekkers’ Self guided Chocolate tour and other things to see in Brussels.

The next important thing on my list to see in Brussels was the Music instrument museum(MIM) and we were not disappointed, It must be the biggest selection of instruments in the world. Most of it was behind glass so the photos didn’t come out well, only a few to show. But if you love music you should not miss this place. It was not expensive, as kids go free. This is also the one place you definitely have to take the audio guide as it plays music of the instruments. We went very late and only had an hour and a half and didn’t take one! Didn’t know they would play music. Some kids had theirs on quite loud so we heard a bit of it second hand. We rushed through 4 levels so we could see it all. I wished I had more time but glad I saw it all.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    MIM, looks fantastic. I would pay good money to go in there. The chocolate must be very rich to be filled up on the sweet stuff after only a few. The way choc should be I think, a treat .

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