Belgium: Brugges

I think this is possibly my favourite town of our tour but I will update my thoughts at the end of it. The canals and the old buildings are stunning. I loved walking through this old town. The weather was perfect- nice and cool but not too cold so you can wear a light jumper if you want to.

We went for a canal boat ride, it was not too expensive and it was the best money I’ve spent. We loved seeing the town from a different angle and the boat experience is always nice. There was a modern art exhibition in town. The big whale was made from old broken things. The thing I love most about the European cities are the church bells that ring so often, it becomes part of your life.We’ve heard it now for weeks everyday. In Brugge it is extra special as there is a carillon and the tunes it plays at certain times are amazing. I will so miss the bells when I’m back in Perth!

We loved the shops in Bruges there are a lot of creativity and nice-to-look-at arty things and of cause the lace are exquisite. My family had to drag me away from the antique markets. I’ll have this teapot please! The next photo is a toolbox barbecue/braai.

This road bridge lifts up to let the boats through. A little bit like the rail crossings in Perth. Ernest liked this beer, the Bruges’ fool, I mean the beer not Ernest. Two things we really enjoyed was the Cote D’or chocolate slabs that you can buy at the supermarket very cheap and a spread called Speculoos- looks like peanut-butter but is a spicy biscuit flavoured spread-no nuts. I will ask my IGA if they will be so kind as to bring it in. With all these sweet things it’s no wonder I have gained a bit of weight!

The men keep seeing all these amazing cars. There are some wealthy people out there.

The Belgian people has a good sense of humour, as we found with the Germans as well. Their adverts are so funny and sharp. You will understand this advert if you are Afrikaans- speaking. It’s about borrowing money for a new hobby, before it’s too late. Om geld te leen vir n stokperdjie voor dit te laat is.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    Well well, my opinion of where to go changes with almost every post, I think Brugge is my top of the list too at this point. Aldi had a Dutch sale recently and they had spekulaas on the shelf ! Don’t know what the dif is between Loos en laas. The bells will also be something I would appreciate on a daily basis .

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