Netherlands: Amsterdam

We thoroughly enjoyed our short visit to Amsterdam. We decided to visit the Rijks museum and loved so many of the paintings that I might have to make a seperate little photo book just of all the photos we took there. This was one of the best art museums in my opinion. And ps. they have a “hall” of loos….it made us ladies so happy. Read my Louvre post if you don’t know what this is about. The Central station is lovely and has a weather vane clock that moves as the wind changes. We also visited the Museum of handbags but weren’t allowed to take photos- it is very small and a bit expensive but to us it was very interesting and worth it, I can see why some people would complain.

This garden is at the back of the Rijks museum and are so beautiful despite the heatwave they’ve had this summer. Lucky for us it was overcast and rainy, I loved the cool wind in my face!! So here are only a “few”of our favourite paintings.

And more- I want the delft birdcage!

So after our long time in the Rijks we ventured outside to admire the canals, and you can’t not get a stunning shot, it is just so beautiful. We were famished by then and went to the smallest little hamburger shop with the best hamburgers in town- it was amazing – just as good as the ones we had in Bonnieux or better? We were extremely careful of all the bicycle traffic and add to it trams, cars and motorbikes it makes for a constant awareness of your surroundings. It is amazing how bicycles are so well catered for in the Netherlands. We loved using the trams, it is modern, orderly and people are very helpful. We bought tickets but no tickets came out of the machine- within minutes an official saw that we were confused and didn’t know what to do, he came to help us and we were issued with new tickets at the office. No Worries mate.

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2 Responses to Netherlands: Amsterdam

  1. Selma Swarts says:

    I can’t wait to hear the stories, this is def on my list to go visit.

  2. Glenda says:

    Another wonderful spot! Did you find that being able to speak Afrikaans helped communicating in Holland? Although I did notice there is a lot of English signage. Only two weeks to go and you will be back in the land of Oz, it will be great to see you all again xx

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