Cardiff: last thoughts on Wales

Cardiff has a lot of older buildings and the city was not too bad or as dirty -we didn’t spend a lot of time there. We went to Bute Park the biggest park in the City which is next to the Cardiff castle. They have the biggest collection of champion trees in a public park in the UK.- Champion trees are acknowledged as the tallest or broadest of their type in the British isles. It was stunning to see such a huge variety of different trees together one more beautiful than the other. Missing a “real” tree in Perth!

I loved Wales especially the country towns and villages and would love to visit Tintern again.

This is the Cardiff castle and Bute park.

These Welsh cakes were delicious, it is a soft biscuit like scone.

Ryan was hoping that these would be dragon eggs!

The wall of animals was so beautiful, it was next to the castle and part of the wall of the Bute park. Here are just a few of the many animals on the wall. Ryan loved the bear.

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