Cologne, Germany

We landed in Cologne in Germany to make our way down the river Rhein to Stuttgart.

We love Cologne or Köln. We are staying in a small flat in the new part of city and it is a bit noisy after our nature escapes! We took the train to the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and went for a walk in the old town. We bought a train ticket for up to 5 people for the day, like the family dayrider in Perth Australia. The station is next to the biggest attraction in the city: the Cologne Cathedral- I was gaping at it. Another wow! Construction started in 1248 and finished in 1880. After WW2 bombing most of the city was flattened and there was heavy damage to the cathedral, but now it’s restored and with on-going renovations.

We found a wonderful place on our way to the fragrance house 4711(which is next door.) It is called the doll museum- with a lot of toys and figurines like the whole Smurf collection and TinTin, Dolls houses, old tin toys, but we were not allowed to take photos. They show- case, restore and sell antique dolls and some toys also old wooden hand puppets/ marionettes. It was a wonderful accidental find!

After that we went into the 4711 shop and smelled some of their modern perfumes, we didn’t do the tour. But the smell lingers I was soo tempted! We also found the bridge over the river with all the love locks on it. And then of cause, coffee and Berliners / pastries(not even too expensive, compared to Perth)

After a long day walking what better than a beer. We saw many people walking through the city after work with a beer in the hand. The city is very organised with their traffic and bicycle regulation- There are bike lanes and they cycle fast! You have to stay out of their way.

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