Cuckoo clocks and cake

Yes where else than in the Black forest, staying in Triberg, home of the authentic Cuckoo clock and Black forest cake. We took a train from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe and then got on to the train that goes through the Black forest, we got off at Triberg. The trip was for the beginning part mostly country side with farms and little towns and lots of corn and wheat fields, but from Gengenbach you started to feel like you are in the forest and the trees were stunning. Another interesting thing we saw in Germany was all the little vegetable gardens called Klein Garten at the beginning and end of a town- it started in the 1860’s but during WW2 played an imported role as a lot of people stayed there in a little garden shed and had veg and fruit to stay alive- nowadays it is a place to play, relax and grow food.

We stayed in a house high up on the mountain with an amazing view. The next day early we walked down the mountain to the village of Triberg-it took us a half an hour and we loved the nature and farm houses. Friendly farm cats came to greet us. The grass meadows did cause us hay-fever especially since the farmers are busy cutting it.

Caution dutiful dog/ Pligsgetroue hond

Once in the town of Triberg, we had morning tea with Black forest cake! We then visited the waterfalls which was nice but an extreme uphill climb! At the end of the waterfall road we decided not to go back but to go off the road to the left onto a rough looking forest path- great decision! We loved the dense forest and ferns and Amelia took the opportunity to take more ballet photos. I loved it.

This bird is called a Nutcracker- it usually cracks open the pinecones and hazel nuts and eat the nuts, it also loved the peanuts that is supposed to be fed to the squirrels. They also store excess nuts for the winter

We were completely exhausted after all the walking but I still had to see the town’s curio shops and cuckoo clocks. The buildings are beautiful and I love all the wood carvings that is all over the place. The flower boxes everywhere is a treat!! We didn’t have enough time in Triberg as I still wanted to see the museum and a few other things. But everything started to close and we could not walk any more!! We got a taxi to take us back up the mountain and had an early night to bed.

I love when I find hearts in nature- this one reminded me of the verse in the bible: Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

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2 Responses to Cuckoo clocks and cake

  1. Dorothee Gevers says:

    I am so thrilled you visited Triberg.
    My Uncle lived there for 40 years and I visited him many times but always in Winter. Last time in 2000 when we went as a family and took a “Schlitten” down next to a frozen Waterfall

  2. Selma Swarts says:

    Cookcoo clocks, Massarati’s Swiss chocolate , forest walks and that amazing pool you swam in … I wish I was there. Your stories are told beautifully and the pictures compliment every scene in my minds eye.
    Amelia you look just like Snow White and I imagine the birds and animals coming out of hiding to come sit by your side.

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