Not a good start to Rome with our accomodation in a not such nice neighbourhood, but it has aircon and is comfortable and a have good host. I would have had a bad impression of Rome if we didn’t take a long walk through many places and yes there are beautiful places in Rome. The underground freaks me out and it felt like I was back in South Africa having to guard your stuff and being on alert the whole time. Being squished in like sardines makes it worse, it is crazy. We enjoyed walking above ground much better and the trams were also good.

Amelia took a fantastic ballet class in Rome at IALS Centro di danza. They were very accomodating and not expensive. I couldn’t take photos. It was an adult open class with many ex- professional dancers and a brilliant teacher: Giancarlo Stiscia.

The Colosseum is colossal. Once again we booked online and walked right in after we went through security which went fast. It was again a hot day but there were a few clouds and a breeze which made it bearable.

There are so many things to see in Rome but we could only scratch the surface with one day to sightsee and tired from walking. Glad we pushed ourselves a bit.

The Spanish steps. If you have seen the movie: A Roman holiday with Audrey Hepburn You’ll know what Amelia is pretending to hold. No its not a microphone.

The kids didn’t wear their back packs in Rome just to ease our minds, so no point shoe photos, but we couldn’t resist to sneak this photo.

And now for the real thing, because you can’t leave Italy or Rome without a Gelato- mmm Buonissimo.

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  1. AJ says:

    Haha, we had EXACTLY the same feeling about our accommodation when we visited Rome. Then we started sightseeing and realised it’s pretty much the same all over the city. Rome is so chaotic and loud and crazy! But wonderful as well! Glad you’re getting to experience it.

  2. Selma Swarts says:

    When in Rome…. do like the Romans.

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