South of France: Nice

It was like a breath of fresh air to land in Nice on the French riviera after Rome. What a beautiful place. No wonder people have been flocking here for hundreds of years. I love the sea and it was wonderful to swim here. I’m not sure if I imagine it, but it seems more salty.. The only challenge is to get into the water. If you’ve been on a pebble beach you will know how much it hurts your feet- no silky soft sand, to walk into the water like a goddess, just ouwch and grimacing and embarrassingly falling into the water. I am soo glad I took my lovely crocs sandals because it took me right to the water, but didn’t help going in as you sink into the mixed size pebbles and the little rocks goes in between your feet, toes and sandals- that’s even worse. The people here knows how to deal with it and wears the nicest water shoes. There are plastic and foam type rubber swim shoes similar to what I’ve seen in Australia, or you just come here so often that your feet are as tough as nails and it doesn’t matter. Speaking of tough, some peoples’ skin looks like leather from all the sun exposure, not a nice sight. We had a relaxing time here and liked Nice very much, like a holiday on holiday.

Once again a lovely sports car for the men.

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  1. AJ says:

    It sounds wonderful!

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