Monaco: Monte Carlo cars

Wow what a fabulous place. This outing was all for the men and what a success! Just walking around the casino, and all their car spotting is satisfied for the next however long it takes… I also enjoyed all the beautiful cars, so many in such a small place and lovely buildings, harbour, sea and shops.

One would think that super cars only come in red, but wait there’s more…

The tunnel that is part of the Formula 1 race track. And appropriate noise to accompany it.

Ryan’s favourite: McLaren and Ferari

And Ernest’s fav- BMW- Z8 The same as the one that was cut in half in Bond- The world is not enough.

So there is more to this place than cars- shopping! We will just look-not go in. Oh and yachts! We bought a sandwich at Carrefour, the regular groceries store, and sat and ate it in a world class garden opposite the casino.

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  1. Selma Swarts says:

    This would be a great experience while the Grand Prix is on. My friends was just there a few months ago to see the Grand Prix .. everything looks so lux.

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