Lavender in Provence

My bucket list dream since I was a young student was to go to big lavender fields in France or anywhere really. So today we took a road trip around the area to find any fields that has not been harvested yet. We are a bit late in the season as they started about 2 weeks ago- early to mid July. We did manage to get a few photos just before they harvested the last of the fields in the area, today. I feel very blessed to be here and to smell the heavenly smell.

We went to the Abbey in Gordes- Abbaye de Sénanque, to get the next photos. We were so blessed to get a parking space amidst many other tourists doing the same thing. And I did buy something at the shop. It is full of lavender products! The roads are scary as it is narrow, winding, hill roads – Thank you to my wonderful husband who braved it on the wrong side of the road in these conditions to get me there! Thankful also for aircon in 36 deg. My advise come in mid June and stay much longer than 2 days!!

We had to drive through the town of Gordes but luckily google took us on the scenic route into little lanes away from the rest of the tourist drivers. So we got nice views of things.

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2 Responses to Lavender in Provence

  1. Selma Swarts says:

    Awe…a dream to be realised for me too. I love the pictures, so happy you got to experience this… awesome scenic route …

  2. Glenda says:

    Beautiful Marie, you look like your are in your element 🙂

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