Can’t believe it can happen twice in a row. Our train from Aix-en-Provence to Carcassonne, had to stop on the tracks before we reached Montpelier because another train hit a person. It took 2 hours before we could move and another 2h to Carcassonne. We were so tired and hungry. All the passengers got an assistance pack with food, water and snacks in. Luckily this time the train was more modern and there was a little bit of aircon. In 36 deg it helped only a bit. Did I mention there is a heatwave in Europe and we have been constantly drenched in sweat for the passed 3 weeks.

Carcassonne is a beautiful little town, clean and fresh looking. They also have a festival on, so I’m not sure if the umbrellas are for that or permanently there- it looks amazing. It is such a good idea because it gives shade, colour and fun to the main pedestrian street. They also washed the pavement so it doesn’t smell like some other cities do.

Unfortunately because of the late train, heat and our exhaustion we didn’t get to go to the medieval castle cite’ Carcassonne. I would have loved to see it up close. Luckily we could see it from a distance as our accomodation was on the other side of the river from it so we took photos as we left in the morning. We made a mistake in booking just 1 night, you need at least 2 nights in a place to see a few things and rest from travelling.

Because of the festival there are different shows on every night so Ernest and Ryan walked to the square to listen to the rock show and enjoyed it very much.

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  1. Frans says:

    Hi fantastic trip! You all looking in great shape. Good bonding exercise as well. Enjoy

  2. Glenda says:

    Rock on Ryan and Ernest

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